About Us

Hi! My name is Shawn Mills. I’m the new owner of Virginia Sports Complex or what’s soon to be known as Legacy Park.We’re excited about an entire rebranding that’s going on here and I want to share a couple of things that we’re doing. Things like redoing the entire restaurant and the 40,000 square foot field house. We’re going to redo all the concession stands, common areas are going to be repaved.We’re excited about creating an atmosphere that’s not just for the ball players and the teams, but also for the entire family. Here in the nation’s capital we have lots of things that families can enjoy and we’re going to show you those things. We’re going to take tours to Washington, D.C. and those tours will include the White House, the Capitol building, the Smithsonian’s. Things like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial. We’re going to take tours of Civil War battlefields, Colonial Williamsburg, and show you how the Revolutionary War period was. We’re also going to do fun trips to amusement parks right down the road here.

We’re excited about this entire rebranding. We’re excited to share it with you and I’m really excited about seeing you next Summer.