We have updated our 2020 calendar to show all agreed on dates for our large and small fields. You should click HERE to make sure you are listed or to see if a date you are interested in is available. There are some dates that we expect to be filled that are not listed. You should call 804-234-3231 or send an email to Info@Legacyparksports.com to request dates for our fields or indoor facilities. 

 To see our calendar click on “Calendar” on the main menu above. 

Introducing Legacy Park Sports!

You probably know us as Virginia Sports Complex. Soon we will be changing our name to Legacy Park, and some exciting changes are coming, including major facility improvements, our name change to Legacy Park, and major tournament changes for 2020 and beyond. Make sure you watch our video, sign up for email updates, and follow us on social media.

Legacy Park, An Exceptional Baseball And Family Experience. Play A Tournament Here And Visit Some Of Our Country’s Most Historical Sites.